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We are a holistic group of practitioners working together in the healing arts


April Bodette
Maple Woods Mind/Body Wellbeing 

April is a native Vermonter with decedents from Canada and Ireland. April enjoys gardening, maple sugaring, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, hiking, and swimming as some of her outdoor wonders.  She grew up finding connections with horses and became an equestrian. April trained horses and gave riding lessons to younger folks with the same passion. Through the body, April found how the mind and body have a way to create connection, trust, safety, and communicate with these animals.  She relates this unspoken art form with her Somatic based mental health counseling and Yoga. 

April holds a Master's in Science degree from Springfield College and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician in private practice. She is a consultant with our local Head Start pre-school program and finds joy in helping children and staff find their subtle bodies to make connection, trust, and safety as a way that communicates a healthy learning environment. April works with ages from prenatal birth to adulthood, of all genders, abilities, disabilities, cultures, foster children, adoption, and socioeconomic differences. April continues her education in trauma-informed, attachment, and parent-child relationship-building psychotherapy. 

April is also trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and blends her mental health counseling career with Yoga.  April has studied for six months with PRYT and continues. 

April has a strong intuitive sense and can hold space to explore the mind-body connection and find answers at one's own pace. 

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Alicia Houghton
Earthbound Wellness

The Earthbound Wellness's owner, Alicia Houghton, recently dedicated her career to helping others find peace, tranquility, and healing through alternative modalities. Alicia previously practiced as a Registered Nurse for over a decade, dedicated to promoting health and wellness. Her practice of Reiki throughout this time has sparked her passion for holistic healing and wellness through her healing journey,  

Alicia recently completed her 200-hour yoga teaching certification from Inspired Yoga, LLC in Newport, Vermont. She has practiced yoga for eleven years, helping her connect her body and mind, and she is excited to share it with others at the beautiful space provided by Commonplace, LLC. Alicia completed a sound healing certification in the summer of 2022 using Tibetan singing bowls instructed by Kirk Jones of Evolvlove Sound Therapy. Most recently, Alicia attended a Lomi Lomi Massage training where she was immersed in Hawaiian culture and spirituality, instructed by Patti Miller of Hawaiian Healing Arts. As of late, Alicia is continuing her studies to become a Holistic Health Practitioner while she continues her education. She is excited to incorporate her previous and newly gained knowledge to share these wonderful modalities with you on your healing journey.

For more on what Alicia offers:


Cristina Malanga
Yoga Instructor

Cristina has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She holds two 200-hour yoga certifications and a 300-hour mindfulness certification. Cristina meets her students where they are at and encourages slowing down and focusing on their breath. All bodies are different, and all bodies can participate is some form of practice. Cristina is dedicated to her own practices and growth and enjoys swimming, being in nature, dancing, and cooking. She currently works in the school system as a well-being coach and is committed to continued learning and wellness.

Contact Cristina to sign up for a class at 802.673.4090

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Meredith Whitney
Yoga Instructor

The class I will offer is called "Align and Restore". This is a gentle class great for people new to yoga. I use props and modifications to make yoga available for every body. We will work on body awareness, alignment, and balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Meredith started having a regular yoga practice in 2014 when she joined an Iyengar studio in Montana. She fell in love with using props to make yoga accessible to all bodies. Meredith has a very mild form of ataxic cerebral palsy, and yoga has helped her build strength, flexibility, and balance. More than that, she appreciates yoga as a way of understanding her body better. Meredith's classes include elements of Iyengar, Yin, restorative, Anusara, and Hatha yoga. She completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in the Netherlands. Meredith is an educator at Northern State Correctional Facility. She enjoys tarot, dreamwork, being outdoors, and unstructured downtime with her beloved cat, Raj. 

Contact Meredith to sign up for a class:

Michelle Thomas
The Kneaded Space

Michelle has been a state-licensed massage therapist for over 16 years. Originally from the Chicagoland area, she graduated with a certificate in therapeutic massage therapy with over 800 hours of clinical experience from the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in 2006. 

At the age of 20, she survived a stroke while studying Spanish at the University of Iowa. After conventional western medicine failed to address all her needs, she knew there had to be something more integrative and holistic, which led her to massage therapy. 

The Kneaded Space is her vision of a mind, body, and spirit approach to wellness to promote healing, peace, and increased quality of life. She specializes in myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, Swedish, and cupping and offers hot stone therapy and other modalities. Highly intuitive, she is also a Reiki master. 

Her goal: tailor each session to the client’s needs by addressing them as a whole to live the best life possible.

For more on what Michelle offers:

Kristy Scott
Krystalline Earth Restorative Healing

Kristy embraces all of humanity and welcomes all beings with loving compassion. Her dedication is all in service to your holy, sacred empowerment & truth. This work is a remembrance of your soul's original blueprint. 

A Shamanic practitioner, Medicine Woman & Spirit Weaver, Kristy knows the ways of the old; she is a keeper of the earth.

From a young age, she could perceive the otherworldly realms and spent most of her time in the forest. She is the 6th generation of an exceptional piece of land in northern Vermont; the first stewards were the Abenaki. This sacred land and the otherworldly realms shaped her into the person she is today. Shamanism and earth-based ritual feel like home to her because of the inherent connection to something greater. Kristy aims to bridge the gap between science and magic using the quantum field & earth as a direct mirror. Through understanding the innate connection between our mind, body, and spirit, we can start to work with the energetic flow of abundant success and health. 

In addition to her role as a shamanic practitioner, Kristy is certified in a two-year program with the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, with a concentration in Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine. She is also a practitioner in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition. She has participated in many miscellaneous energy & holistic workshops about the physical body, the energetic body, breath, sound, the quantum field, gut health, nutrition, trauma, the vagus nerve, and the lymphatic system. Kristy is also a proud mother of a rising 27-year-old Son. 

For more information on what Kristy offers: 








   Jessica Kennison

    Certified Massage Therapist

    Jessica Kennison, Born and raised in the North East Kingdom of Vermont. She has lived in many states, such as Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and many towns in Vermont. Jessica enjoys her family and outdoor activities, such as bike riding with her daughter, hiking, fishing, ice skating, sliding, and cloud gazing! Jessica owned a restaurant from 2014-2020, Brenda's Homestyle Cookin' on Main St, in Newport, Vt. She sold her restaurant to spend more time with her daughter, family, and friends. She returned to school for Massage therapy after taking a break and stepping back. Jessica has always had a passion in life for helping people. Going back to school changed her life for the better. Moving forward in the career she loves, she went through a 750-hour course. She got certified in Anatomy 1 and 2, Physiology 1 and 2, Kinesiology, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Prenatal, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Hydrotherapy, Pathology, Business Practices, Ethics, and Clinical. She could not have finished this program without her family and outstanding teachers at Wellness Massage Center & Institute or the amazing friends she made at school. She is planning on taking her nationals this fall! She will continue taking courses to further her education. She is excited to learn and grow, always looking forward to helping her clients and seeing where her journey will bring her.

For more on what Jessica offers, Call (802) 274-4130.

Jackie Bilodeau

 MSW, LICSW Therapist


Jackie is originally from NJ and has lived in Vermont since 1996. She has 30 years of experience in the mental health field in various capacities. She has a strong drive for helping people and helping humanity. She has strong intuitive and empathic abilities and utilizes these skills in meeting people where they are. Jackie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and animals. She enjoys being out in nature, traveling, meditating, camping, working out, and spiritual practice. She has a love for all things metaphysical, tarot, and crystals. She looks forward to the new journey that life has to offer.  

Call (802) 461-9396 to start working with Jackie, or email







Shane Goodell

QiGong certified & Yoga Instructor

Hello everyone! My name is Shane Goodell, and I'd love nothing more than to share my experience of the transformative practice of Yoga. The method of Yoga got me through one of the deepest struggles of my life. I used to live a poor lifestyle and make poor choices. This led me to distribute large quantities of Marijuana and using substances to suppress my problems and never look at myself honestly or see how I was not just harming myself but the ones who are dear to me. 2 police chases later, I ended up serving a little over two years in the state of Vermont's correctional facilities. This is where the practice of Yoga and meditation found me. After a little over four years of diligent practice and now having been released for a little over two years, I truly see just how much meditation offers me a connection with my heart and this universe and that healing is an inner journey I must engage in to find happiness and contentment in this life. It all starts with the present moment.

I will teach Hatha/ Vinyasa flow, focusing on connecting the breath and body. The connection with the body, mind, and soul is one of moderation and balance. The class will be an hour and 15 minutes class. The beginning of the class will be opened with a bit of kirtan, or some opening mantras, the repetition of mantra has been practiced for thousands of years as a means to awaking the truth inside the human heart and awaken the enthusiasm and gratitude that makes life such a rich miracle. I have a 200 hr yoga alliance certification from Inspired Yoga, and I am a level 1 QiGong certified practitioner through IIQTC with Roger Jahnke, a master's in Chinese medicine and Qigong.

To contact Shane, please call, text (802) 673-4809, or email

Shane accepts Venmo, cash, or check payments.

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Nicole A Furlong 

Golden Birch Sanctuary

Licensed Massage Therapist 


Nicole’s approach to massage is to help her clients surrender into a space of rest and regeneration for integrated body, mind, and spirit healing.

 Nicole instantly brings ease to her clients through compassionate and loving touch. Nicole works the body firmly but sensitively, encouraging muscle relaxation, energy release, increased blood flow, tissue regeneration, and a sacred peace of mind. 

Nicole pulls from her Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Reiki, and Deep Tissue massage modalities to offer a personally designed treatment suited to your individual needs and goals. Whether coming for a one-time relaxation treatment, regular self-care, or to recover from injury or trauma, Nicole will have you feeling seen, supported, and Loved. 

Nicole is a graduate of  The Wellness Massage Center and Institute, a 750-hour NCBTMB-assigned massage therapy program. Nicole passed the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam this spring and is now nationally licensed.

Nicole enjoys hiking, gardening, paddling, snowboarding, and exploring the incredible playground of Vermont’s Northeast corner during her free time. Nicole has been working with her two sisters to create a magical healing oasis on their family land near Lake Willoughby. They use the medicinal herbs grown there to create the oils and body butter Nicole uses for her treatments. 

Nicole’s linens are organic cotton and washed with natural detergent; her space is always free from chemical scents or cleaners. 


To book with Nicole, go to her website:

Call or text: 802-359-7096









Faye Tolar

Yin Yoga Instructor


Faye has been practicing yoga for over 30 years and completed her 200-hour yin yoga teacher training with Josh Summers in 2021.  Faye continues to enrich her studies by pursuing her 500-hour certification with Josh. With a background in respiratory therapy specializing in the education of respiratory therapists, Faye shares a blend of education and medical knowledge with yoga practice. Faye enjoys teaching those who strive for a healthy balance between aerobic exercise and the ‘yin’ of coming into stillness, awareness of breath, and allowing sensation. Faye has greatly benefited from the transformation and healing power that yoga has to offer and wants to share her passion with her community.  Faye welcomes students at all levels of yoga to her classes. 

Contact Faye to sign up for a class at

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Dory Kalich

Power Yoga 

Dory is a highly experienced yoga teacher with a decade of practice and training. She moved to Vermont from Arizona with a deep understanding of Vinyasa flow and a passion for taking yoga outdoors and into unique spaces. Having completed her 200 hour teacher training in 2019 and 300 hour advanced training in 2022, Dory is excited to be part of the vibrant yoga community in Vermont.

Please contact Dory to sign up for her classes at Email

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