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Office/Practice Spaces

This is a space to welcome visitors to the site. Grab their attention with two 97 square foot spaces. Each room measurements are 11'1/2" x 8' 1/2" 97.75 sq. ft. & await’s someone to warm this space with their touch of essence. Patrons have handicap parking, entrance and washroom. The office/practice room is off the main waiting room. Rooms have antiqued wood maple flooring, ceiling to floor window letting in natural lighting from the Norther sky. A sink is available for your professional practice. Structured into the price of the rent and available to you is a kitchenette, laundry, hi-speed internet, website with links to your business, and outdoor space for events.

These spaces are available for long term rental.  

The Retreat Space

The Retreat Space is the core of our home at Commonplace. It offers elements of harmony, balance, and positivity. One will be in our spacious room for an experience of personal growth, development, and change with wood flooring, soft green walls, a nook of plants, east and south facing windows with linen window treatment to allow a natural soft low lighting. This space was developed Intuitively and mindfully to support the professional as well as patrons to ease into slowing down and turning inward attuning to the self. Our core home floor space has the option of FAR infrared heated yoga classes, room temperature large yoga classes, meditations, group meetings, women’s circles, men’s circles, spiritual journeys, dance, community meetings, and more.  This space is available to rent.

Yoga Studio Spaces

Our small yoga space is used for one-to-one yoga sessions or a small group of six which can move the body toward stillness for a full mind, body, spiritual practice.  The quaint space has wood flooring, soft blue walls, and ceiling to floor glass south facing windows brings warmth and a feeling of nestling into comfort. Natural lighting from the south facing windows are adjusted with shades and linen treated window covering. This space is equipped with its own heat pump for air-conditioning and warmth as well as baseboard heat with humidified air.  The selection of window coverings, meaningful plants, crystals, tibetan sound healing bowls, chimes, bells, and art all bring together the experience as a provider or patron in this space. This space is available to rent. 

The Tree Life Treatment Room

Our 97 square foot treatment room brings you a sense of calm, peace, and safety in this serene sanctuary nestled within the Commonplace. You will be enveloped with tranquility in a temperature-controlled room. The floor to ceiling North facing window is concealed behind lush hedges, it's a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of roadside traffic. It is the space for complete letting go and relaxation. The Tree of Life tapestry fosters a sense of grounding and connection to the earth. Our massage table is equipped with all the amenities to ensure your utmost comfort. Surrender to the peaceful ambiance as you indulge in pure bliss during a massage or reiki session.

This space is currently rented by Jessica Kennison