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Introducing April Bodette, the visionary behind Commonplace. As a licensed Mental Health Counselor at her private practice, Maple Woods MindBody Wellbeing, April has carved a unique niche in the field. Her innovative approach, combining play therapy through Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation and Yoga therapy, has inspired her to expand within Commonplace.  April's primary mission is to use her expertise to foster a grounding environment for individuals and families. Since the inception of her practice in 2015-16, April's services have been a guiding light for numerous individuals, helping them navigate through stressful challenges by questioning negative thoughts and understanding the source of specific behaviors and emotional patterns. With the right tools and a fresh perspective, a brighter outlook is always within reach.

As a young child April was born into a family culture of descendants from Canada and Ireland that will shape her internal and external experiences, and how she found her desire to help others. The vulnerable child who has needs and who has value. The vulnerable caretaker who has needs, and who has value. Who would have guessed that a generation apart, generational experiences would land and repeat in the same categories at very different ages? April aspires for her clients to become enlightened by understanding their patterns of vulnerabilities and needs in order to rewrite their story. Framing the strengths, desires, and motivations can bring someone from many emotions managing their lifestyle to managing their many emotions and knowing they are capable of being curious, compassionate, calm, clear, caring, creative, courageous, confident, and connected beings. April has learned feeling safe allows one to be vulnerable and one's needs can be met, and that everyone brings value to share. The actual practice is with the person who is the safest: herself. Looking back at her own life, April was always been in a safe place, even when it felt not true because she was with herself in an adventure, exploring, and being with the things she loved most. 

As a child, April spent countless hours in nature. Not knowing it then, April's intuitive self-teacher and explorer provides the basis today in her private practice in mental health counseling. Some of her strongest memories are transplanting small seedling trees to grow into another forest—gardening with her elders and learning by doing about the land. Building tree houses with the best floor plan a child could imagine. Her favorite things in nature are bike riding, swimming, backcountry skiing, walking, running, picking wildflowers, and making flower arrangements. April is largely an animal lover. She found communication skills being in nature with animals. She could observe, listen, and nurture the animal's senses of excitement, contentment, fear, or danger. She shows up with love, compassion, and boundaries in support to find in herself with intellectual courage and bravery. Her spirit animal is the horse, her actual line of connectivity. Through the mind and body, April found how much the right-thinking mind plays a role with connection, courage, and trust with her spirit animal. April relates this unspoken art form of being in nature and with animals with her Somatic-based mental health counseling and Yoga therapy practices. 

April holds a Master's in Science degree from Springfield College and is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Clinician in private practice. She is a local Head Start preschool program consultant and enjoys helping children. Staff find their subtle bodies to make connections, trust, 

and safety in a way that communicates a healthy learning environment. April's expertise in trauma-informed, attachment, and parent-child relationship-building psychotherapy is a testament to her commitment to her clients. She works with ages from prenatal birth to adulthood of all genders, abilities, disabilities, cultures, foster children, adoption, and socioeconomic differences. April continues her education in these areas, always striving to provide the best care for her clients. 

April is trained in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and further studying Trauma-Informed Yoga therapy.  

April has a strong intuitive sense and can hold space to explore the mind-body connection and find answers at one's own pace.

April Bodette

Maple Woods MindBody Wellbeing


~Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Friday at 7am

~Men's Yoga/Stretching
Tuesday 7am


Maple Woods
MindBody Wellbeing,
April Bodette

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