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Vinyassa Flow with Heather Kincaid

Monday's at 5:30pm

Meet Heather Kincaid. She is a certified Vinyasa instructor. Vinyasa means "intentional or conscious movement,” every class is guided to be inclusive and accessible to all and designed to take your practice to the next level.

Trained through Y7 Studios in New York City, her flows are intelligently sequenced, guided by verbal cues, and curated to the beat of music to drive movement to breath. Designed to build internal heat, she encourages individuals to turn their focus inward in search of the balance between new edges, staying present, and exploring their own unique journey.

Off the mat, she can often be found with an espresso in one hand and her Doberman named Egypt on a leash in the other. Although based in Vermont, she just returned from living on Vancouver Island and holds a master’s degree in International Human Security and Peacebuilding.

She looks forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

Contact Heather at


Venmo - HKincaid

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